Basic help article on Unknown IDs

Is it helpful to add a taxon to an unknown. I m guessing with limited knowledge I can put some of these in a catagory. Im finding IDs as a senior awakens a huge amount of plants Ive forgotten.
I love the process. I got a comment to me that eluded to this. love Inat and the doors it opening.
Im thinking in my Id time it might be helpful to do a ittle of this. Also its an exam of your knowledge as you are some times confronted with a plant you thought you knew and now with no clues you realise your knowledge is a lttle shakey and youcan use a tuneup.
thks ID Nat helper bees …

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From the iNat FAQ regarding coarse IDs:

By adding a coarse ID of “Plants” or “Fungi” these identifiers are making it easier for other people to find your observation. Many experts use our taxonomic filters to focus on their taxon of expertise, so if you post an observation of a plant with no identification, these experts will never find it.

People adding coarse IDs are almost always trying to help you get more specific IDs.


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Definitely do add IDs to Unknowns, that’s very helpful! See also

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(Today I am again haunted by obs that I followed guidelines and IDed as - it’s A Plant in 2019. Still sitting just there at Plantae. That is not useful or helpful) I took those obs out of honest Unknowns and nobody looked at them again. I feel guilty towards the hopeful observer.