Batch add the same ID to multiple observations


Create a way that the same id can be given to multiple observations at the same time. For example, for “unknown” observations it would be good for applying a coarse ID rather than going through them one by one. Also for filtering to a particular taxa and selecting the ones you agree with.

I use the Web application and not the app so this may not apply to the app.


Can you clarify this a bit? Do you mean some feature of Identify where you just apply the same ID to a bunch of observations at once? I’m not sure I’d find that valuable, personally. I find clicking the “Agree” button pretty efficient, and I rarely see a bunch of unknowns that I want to add exactly the same ID to.


i imagine it might also lead to wrong IDs or bulk ‘agreeing’ without good reason

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When I go through “Unknown” observations usually most of them are plants, sometimes nearly an entire page at a time, and I don’t know anything about identifying plants past dicot/monocot. At these times I wish I could click a checkbox on each observation and then do something like “ID selected as: Plants” because going through tons of observations and adding the same ID every time gets tedious fast. In this case there is no “Agree” button.

But I also recognize that some non-plant observations would likely get mixed in occasionally, and also I’d be unlikely to read the descriptions or placeholders for each observation if I did this. I can’t decide whether or not it would be worth it. How likely is it that the observer or someone else would come along and correct me if I were to make that mistake?


An example is Convergent Lady Beetles or Western Honey Bee. These seem to frequently be posted as Unknown, Insect, Lady Beetle or Bee. Sometimes I filter for them and do a batch all at once. I do this occasionally on those already Research Grade to correct them too. I can sit on the couch with my tablet and clean up the ‘low hanging fruit’. I figure if I can spend some time on the easier ones, then it is more time for better experts to spend on the challenging ones.

In these case it is not a matter of hitting the agree button. I go through each one and enter an ID and sometimes a comment. It doesn’t work for all of them, but often you can tell from the image. If I do a lot of them, it increases my chances of making a mistake. As the suggested ID’s appear as I am typing, my fat fingers occasionally select the wrong line. Maybe the answer is to take more time on each ID, but over time I would be less likely to do it.

Just an idea to help clean up the backlog.


At a coarse level, it is likely mistakes will be caught on the next pass. Even with mistakes they are more likely to be reviewed than leaving them at unknown.