Bear seen in Heron nest news article

Thought I would share this link to an article of a 125 lb bear spotted up a tree in a heron nest by some naturalists.
I like the occasional egg but I don’t think I would put in that much effort. I’m going to be looking up a bit more when walking through the woods.

The bottom line is how amazing nature can be. Just when you think maybe you have seen it all or at least imagined it, in comes a curve ball.


Oh I also saw that article! Glad its making the rounds to other naturalists. That bear seemed very determined! Apparently heron nestlings taste good…

I moderate the Facebook Bird Misidentification Page. I’ve seen this more times than I care to!


I can believe its popular!

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Does that mean it passes or fails Snopes?


Neither. It’s a group where they purposely misidentify birds in humorous ways. Other animals in situations where you would expect a bird (like a bear in a bird nest) make for bonus fun times. :+1:

If you watch this PBS Nature show / DVD you will see a female black bear climbing some dead trees in Big Bend National Park. She is after acorns that the acorn woodpeckers have cached by the thousands. Later on after she gives birth, the cubs climb up the same tree. They are good climbers especially when there is food involved.

I never seen this before… but now I have!

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