Best naturalist guides for Southern Italy

I’m moving to Southern Italy for a few months later in this year, and obviously hoping to get out and about! I’m currently in NZ and have never visited Europe before. What are your best recommendations (websites, books etc) for learning about the local organisms? I’m interested in everything! In English would be great, but if they are in Italian they’ll be good inspiration for me to learn :)
Thank you!

I don’t know about the books, but using the explore function can show you all the organisms that people see there, in which months and how often, etc.

If you are only going to be there for a few months I would suggest skipping the books. They are heavy and expensive. Photograph everything with a fresh eye and post it on iNat. If you really need to get your best ID before posting @fffffffff 's suggestion is great. You can also use reverse image search on the big search engines to start your ID search.

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