Big Trout Bay Science Bioblitz / New Nature Trail Opening September 2019

Hi All,

I was hoping to contact those who participated in the Big Trout Bay project directly but apparently I don’t meet the requirements. The reason for my post is because Nature Conservancy Canada is opening the James Duncan Nature Trail soon which joins Memory Road in Neebing, Ontario to Big Trout Bay Conservation Area.

My interest is in making the trail more accessible for people with mobility issues, families with young children and older folks who can’t climb the trail to the lookout.

I’m looking for information and opinions as to the feasibility and figured this group has been through the depths of the terrain! I understand there was a logging road the joined Memory to Big Trout at one time that was preserved for some time as a walking trail but it has become overgrown.

Do you think it’s possible (speaking geographically not financially) to make the trail accessible? I look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback!


Moving this to Nature Talk since it isn’t directly related to iNaturalist. I’m not sure this forum is a great place for such local issues, but I’m curious as to what others think.

@jodyschmidt I think your best option would be to make a journal post on iNaturalist and tag the users in a comment. They’ll get a notification and can respond in comments there. eg


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