Bird Buddy/Inaturalist Integration

I just bought and set up a “Bird Buddy” smart bird feeder in our back yard. It has a motion activated camera and is connected to our household Wifi Network.

Does anyone have any experiencing using the BB with Inaturalist? It would be great to integrate the two. The feeder’s app has AI that identifies birds. It would be great to have it send the pictures automatically to Inat with the time, date, and suggested species.

All suggestions welcome and appreciated!

I’m not sure about the integration aspect, but iNat does have rules against machine-generated content:
It sounds like this might fall afoul of those if it were fully automated. I don’t think there’s any issue with you uploading the pics from it “manually” yourself though.


As @cthawley says, that wouldn’t be permitted (see here for specifics on fully automated camera trap systems being prohibited: but you can use automatically taken and automatically identified imagery, as long as there is a user-curated step between that and uploading to iNaturalist.


Got it! Sounds like human supervision/curation is the key to using observations made this way. Many thanks!!


I can fully understand the restriction on automated submissions to iNaturalist. I think of the time I put out a tray of sunflower seeds at an overnight camera and got 1300 shots of flying squirrels. Definite human curation needed!


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