BIRD SEED help me

I bought Golden Safflower Seed and I haven’t used this before. It has a strong smell. Help! Is it probably rancid?

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I don’t know, but someone else might


Since smell is very subjective I would say that if you have any question about its safety that you do not feed any animals until you have another person inspect it or can replace it. Birds (most) mostly use visual cues to forage and hunt so there is a chance for them to eat rancid or otherwise damaged seed especially in large amounts concentrated from a feeder. Always err on the side of caution.


You are right that seeds high in oils can go rancid. To me, a rancid oil tastes bitter and a little metallic. Would you feel safe tasting a small bite? Or, could it be a moldy smell ? That is also a thing to watch for in birdseed. Good thing you are careful and checking!


Since safflowers are neat looking flowers a bit like Big Bird on Sesame Street, I’d try planting some in a large flowerpot. The seeds sound too far gone for birdseed, but perhaps not too far gone to germinate and flower for pollinators.

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