Blocking and flagging

When someone reports a comment allegedly insulting them by messaging me, but the comment is in another language and I don’t know how to translate it, I advise them to flag the comment so other curators will see it.

However, sometimes the reporting user will get a message saying they are not allowed to flag it, and I suspect that they are blocked by the person they want to flag, does blocking prevent flagging? And if so, is flagging a comment myself because someone wants to flag it but is blocked appropriate? Or would that be seen as helping someone evade a block?

For context both users are commenting on the same obs by a third user, so the block doesn’t really prevent them from seeing each other’s comments or insulting eachother, and I believe the blocked user has a credible claim that they have been insulted, but I don’t know the details of the language enough to actually hide the comment, what is done in these kinds of situations?


Tough situation, but I think flagging it yourself for another curator to take a look is reasonable. Bonus points if you can mention a curator who is fluent in that language so they can help resolve. If the situation involves continuing harassment (which it may if there is already a block), it might also be appropriate to recommend the person who feels they were insulted submit a Help ticket so staff can look into it or mention staff on a flag created.