Blocking Gerald

If you’re in this forum, you probably know Gerald, the infamous muskrat (or is he?) observation that has accumulated hundreds or maybe thousands of comments by now, many of them quite clever. Sometime in the dim past I posted a comment of my own, so now every time someone adds to the thread I get it in my daily feed and dashboard. I think Gerald is a wonderful phenomenon and a great addition to iNaturalist, but I don’t need to see these any more. Is there a way to block this out without losing other observations I’ve commented on? I don’t mean to be a killjoy but !!


Sure you can, on the top right, above observer name on observation page is a button to unfollow observation.


Perfect, thanks!


I’ve never heard of the gerald observation, can you share the link?

Sharing the link would require going there, which takes a lot of time to load (because of all the comments). There is a project “Geralds of the World” that collects amusing posts and comments. I think you can find the link to Gerald himself there.

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Sounds good.

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Oh, you will. Gerald is well known for crashing the browsers of the unwary. If I remember right, it think iNat etiquette is to warn people if a link goes to Gerald.


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