"Blue-crowned" Motmots on iNat in Panama City area

Not sure this is the best forum for this to go in, but whatever. While sorting through IDs in Panama today, I noticed there’s a lot (15+) of motmots being misidentified as Lesson’s Motmot in the Panama City area. Lesson’s, M. lessonii, do not occur in this area–their range stops a bit to the west. Whooping Motmot, M. subrufescens, is the species found here. There’s a few subtle plumage differences but range is the easiest way to separate them. Just hoping some people familiar with the species could help clear up the mess this split from a few years ago caused. The ones stuck at research grade can be seen here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?nelat=9.455538719841671&nelng=-77.98714909082032&place_id=any&swlat=8.709704476042809&swlng=-80.6005218935547&taxon_id=509025

There’s another 10 or so I was able to get off of research grade but still need to be identified to the correct species.

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