Botanizing in Karnataka / Near Bengaluru?

Hello, foreign-born Kannidiga here! I was raised on stories of haunted Tamarind trees, bamboo groves harvested for saar and wide lakes of lotuses where kids would chase dragonflies. My appa lived in a village on the outskirts of the city, and he’d tell me all about his adventures there. But, when I asked him to show me, he’d get sad and say… none of those places exist anymore, stop worrying about it and go study. So, I just stay holed up in some concrete building in Bengaluru and hardly ever get to see anything.

Does anyone seem to know some wild places around the area, specifically for botanizing? My family doesn’t like me going out unless there’s an exact place so I can’t explore landfills :/ I’d also like guides for plants in the Ghats region preferably with Kannada names, but in English-- I’m not very proficient.

Oh, and if you’d have some recommendations for easy, insect-attracting natives I could seed on my Adji’s terrace, I’d appreciate that too! Going in June this year and I want to be prepared and make the most of it! Sorry if that’s alot of requests, ha.


Hi Breezy

When you say you are ‘foreign-born’, whereabouts exactly and where do you stay now? I’d love to explore India, Nepal and Bhutan’s wild plants, especially the latter as they have so many poorly known and researched species due to how inaccessible that region was before the advent of aircraft
I imagine India and nearby regions share alot of botanical similarities with southern Africa (my home), since those 2 land masses were joined originally, India certainly has alot of the same large mammals and predators that we do! What are the most common and culturally significant plants in your home country?

I’d love to hear more :hugs: :frog: :palm_tree: :herb: :hibiscus: :seedling:

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My parents were born and raised in Karnataka, but moved to the USA for work. Most of my family still resides there. I don’t really know that much about Karnataka’s flora and fauna. I don’t go very often, and when I do, it’s only for family functions.

We grow Karipak/Curry tree (Murraya koenigii) and Tulsi at home. We import lots of rice, raagi/millet (Eleusine coracana?), chickpeas/ i forgot the word… we have spices… ginger, haaldi/turmeric, star anise… idk I’ll probably have to check my pantry again! I don’t do most of the cooking or buy the food.

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