Bounding boxes for Western Europe and Eurasia far too large

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): Boundaries for locations “Western Europe” and “Eurasia” are completely off. Instead of the expected polygon:
“Western Europe” creates a rectangular box that includes large parts of northern Africa as well as North and Central America, but excludes most of Scandinavia.
“Eurasia” includes most of Africa, a slice of Greenland and about a third of the western part of North America.

Step 1: Go to Explore

Step 2: Start typing “Western Europe” or “Eurasia” into the location field and select whichever you’ve chosen it appears

Step 3: Observe bounding box.

No problem here: Western Europe includes oversea territories (including Clipperton Island) and not Northern Europe.
Same for Eurasia : includes Azores (west) and Indonesia (south), etc.

If you want more acurate boundaries, click on the « Places of interest » menu at the top of the map, and select whatever is relevant for you, e.g. Europe or Asia.


These are indeed the bounds given by Google, you can try it out directly with their geocoding service.


you can filter for multiple places at once:,97391,6753,7207,8147,7236,8057,8263


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