British Columbia/PNW Native Groundcover

I’m trying to create an educational garden, and one section is an all native lawn replacement that can be mowed/handle occasional walking.

It has a mulch pathway already so there will be limited walking. The soil is sandy, I’ve removed the grass, it’s on a slight slope (very well draining). I’ve been trying to research for several months, and every time i think i find the answer, it doesn’t like my growing conditions or is not native. This is supposed to help my neighbours see options outside their replanting their grub-destroyed lawns.


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I hate to say it, but that sounds about right for BC. What you are describing approximates grassland conditions with grazing animals (mowing and trampling). Except for the oak savannas, BC west of the mountains is not characterized by grassland. Have you researched the native oak savannas?

Have you tried a google search using: british columbia native plants yards ? I saw a few sites pop up that had advice similar to what you’re seeking.

Or reach out to a local nature center if you have one to see what they advise.