British Soverign base areas of Cyprus not showing up in Cyprus species lists

Hi - sightings for locations entered via google maps that fall within the British Army soverign base areas are not reconnaized when creating a ‘Cyprus’ species list - when clearly this is Cyprus - they only appear when you move the location pin to somewheer outside the sovering base area on the map on any Cyprus list you have created - yet they appear on the species world list and show the lcoation as Cyprus??? This bug needs removing please…

if you look at google maps - you will see it shows some areas as the United Kingdon - it is not - we are not an Empire anymore - it is just an adminstration area and these areas are every part of Cyprus as the rest and it is creating a problmes when trying to make any list for Cyprus - I have had to kvoe the observations out of this area so they appear in any Cyprus list - I do not want them appearing in my UK list when it is 5000 miles away

Can you share the URL of what you’re referring to on iNat? Thanks!

The iNat place for the United Kingdom does not include any parts of the island of Cyprus, so you shouldn’t have any observations from the island showing up in a list for the UK.
In the other direction, Akrotiri and Dhekelia do technically still belong to the UK as British Overseas Territories, so they are not part of the iNat place for Cyprus.

Cassi, it is observations from this place

It is on the island of Cyprus geographically, poltically it is not.

Is there no place for the island?

@clamsdell,10289,96774 is a proxy

No, there is no place for the island, and in a list you can only pick a single geography, and this user specific user wants to use lists.

@clamsdell I created a place for the whole island of Cyprus, i.e. physically defined rather than politically defined. You should be able to use it to create a list that will include observations in the British Overseas Territory.

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I would not stand in a Cypriot village and say that though:)

All those demarcations are just in our heads. It’s sad that we as a civilization came to this point: arguing about politics on the platform about diversity of life. Animals and plants won’t understand us.