Can anyone here ID aphids from microscope photos?

I have been working on a study exploring potential biocontrol agents. The specimens preserved in ethanol were shelved for so long that they deteriorated. I was, however, able to get microscope photos which enabled me to key them out – or think that I keyed them out.

The problem is the aphids. When I collected them, I know that some of them were woolly aphids – they had visible “wool.” But after my attempt to key them out, all are species plausible on that host plant, but none came out as Eriosomatinae. I would like somebody who knows more about aphids to take a second look.

I do not want to post the pictures to iNat or BugGuide because they may end up being used in a publication; I want to avoid any potential copyright conflicts.

Aphids seem to be one of those groups that desperately need more IDers. @glmory is probably your best bet. Good luck!


you can just set the copyright to a restrictive license for those observations

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I meant that some publications have a policy against using previously published images.

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