Can I make observations research grade on a different account?

I have many observations that have been keyed out by myself and usually a second opinion in places such as facebook groups. However, the majority never get confirmed on the inaturalist side of things and arent research grade. Can I put these observations as RG myself on a different account or is it best to hold off and wait for a third opinion on inat?

That would be a sockpuppet account (see so don’t do that. Just wait. It’s ok if there’s a loooooong wait before they’re confirmed-- RG isn’t actually the goal with sharing on iNat.
Also, if you don’t already do this, I would recommend adding a note to your observation to explain how you got your IDs-- you can mention the keys you used, and credit people on FB groups who confirmed over there.


Thank you for the response! I’ll start adding notes to my observations

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What is the broad taxon? Someone here might see it here and help you. Alternatively work out the top identifiers of the taxon in your area using the leaderboards and tag them into one to ask if they can help.

And yeah, whatever you do don’t create a sockpuppet account and confirm your own IDs - you’ll get both your accounts suspended! Researchers wanting data won’t necessarily limit themselves to RG observations, it just affects things like export to GBIF, so don’t worry if it takes time. If you’ve uploaded it with a good ID it’s available and useful to the scientific community.


Hasn’t worked yet…

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