Can I use the iNaturalist logo in figures of research papers?

I am with several collaborators preparing a scientific article about pollination ecology with information obtained from iNaturalist. I would like to know if I can put the iNat logo in a graphical abstract to express in the methodology that the records were obtained here.

Is it allowed to use the logo in this way?

Thanks for your answers:)


Haha, I actually was discussing the same thing today! I think this is ok based on previous answers from staff:

But if I’m wrong, happy to find out as well.


@carrieseltzer It seems like it is ok to use the logo in papers for education generally. Do we need to include any sort of citation/acknowledgement or something along with it? I am looking at using the bird logo only in a header image montage with a few other images (sort of like a graphical abstract but more decorative/not a freestanding piece). Is there anything specific I’d need to do here? Or that @danielvelascoc would need to do for their abstract? Thanks!


Please do include it! You can find the logos here:

The main consideration for using the logo is that it should not be used in a misleading way, e.g. misrepresenting a relationship with iNaturalist.

Using the logo in a graphical abstract to convey how iNaturalist was incorporated into the research is perfectly appropriate, just like using the logo to link to iNaturalist in an editorial or promotional context.