Can iNat help w organizing my life list?

I am a pan-lister who has been working on my life list for far longer than I have been on iNat or taken photos of my finds. My list is a hot mess. Is there some way I can put items on my iNat life list without posting an actual observation of it on iNat ? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how to easily record a life list as nicely organized as iNat’s that can be easily updated w each new find ? Was hoping to be able to use something like iNat’s photos in such a list to remind me what the listed organism looks like.

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You can upload a casual observation with no photo, which will then include it on your species list.


Old life list can be used right like that - by adding taxa to it.


Yes, like marina said, you can make lists that don’t depend on your observations. I made one for my birding lifelist which includes species that I don’t have any photos or audio for. When I get around to it, I’m going to add my “first seen” details (date, place) which I started keeping note of in 2004 to the description for all of them.


As @Marina_Gorbunova said, go to and select New List in the upper left to create a personal list. I have created lists for regional Bombus, Birds, firsts, Bird Bioblitz expectations, and so on. In many cases, my other lists are regardless as to whether I have observed them. You can batch import species to them from lists from other sources - these lists do not need to be in any particular order. In particular of interest for me is the ability to look at all this in taxonomic order - very organized for my purposes.


You can make lists for all kinds of things.


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