Can some explain this weird Taxon Split behavior?

So in this observation, it states that Doctocoral’s ID was added via a taxon split, but this user hasn’t made an identification for this observation. Is this a bug of some sort? Whenever I’ve seen this on other observations, there’s always an indication of what the user’s original identification was.

Strange. My first thought was that it might have split from an ID that got deleted, but trying to see what the split was ends up with the whale shark. That at least seems like a bug to me. Do you know what the split was? I’m not seeing anything here (but I might not be filtering correctly):

the taxon change that added that ID is giving a 500 error so I wouldn’t be surprised if something weird happened - investigating…

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It looks like what happened here is that the input to the taxon split, Pseudopterogorgia (sensu lato), was deleted. that would explain the 500 error on the taxon change which was because it had no input. I was able to fix that by creating a new inactive Pseudopterogorgia (sensu lato) taxon and adding it as the input
if that taxon had been deleted it would have also deleted all the associated IDs would have been deleted to. This taxon change was committed back in April of last year and since then the taxon was deleted. Even the person who created the taxon shouldn’t be able to delete a taxon involved in taxon changes - so I’m not sure how that happened. Please keep your eye out for more recent examples of taxa involved in taxon changes getting deleted so we can prevent whatever may be causing that


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