Can users see Forum stats?

Is there a way (easy way) to see iNat Forum stats by month?

… We have stats?

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We do?
Or what did you want to see?

I would rather know - how many people have looked at this obs before me? And given up in silent (still in Unknown) despair.


indeed, there are stats! many of them can be viewed by looking at a user’s profile page.


if you click on a user’s icon / name, that will open a mini window about them – if you then click on that person’s name within the window, you can see their user page.

alternatively, directly opening the link into a new tab works (I mousewheel-click on an icon or name).


I see now. I knew what we were referencing too but I somehow managed to never learn that they are called “stats”, despite it saying “stats” above the data.

This discovery came with a haunting omen:

It feels like “666 days and this dumb-dumb didn’t know these were called ‘stats’”.


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Man with a heart of gold. Don’t sell yourself short!


Thank you,. I knew about the user stats.

I should have said forum usage stats. Meaning overall usage by month.

e.G., the old Yahoo Groups showed how many posts were made by month. One group I belonged to had a definite seasonal variation.

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For the seasonal trend across the Forum, you’d have to ask @tiwane.
He will have access to that as admin.

A quick search in site Settings doesn’t seem to show any way for usage stats to be made public. Perhaps the functionality is there somewhere. Looking at the last year, there’s a slight dip for users and pageviews in December but otherwise no real trend.


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