Can we have a forum category for discussing the API?

The people who use the iNaturalist API are a very specific audience that would benefit greatly from having a dedicated category in the Forum. This would give us a place to congregate and share ideas, tips, tricks, and code. I hate putting such discussions in General since I know that 99% of people there aren’t at all interested in such technical discussions.


I don’t have any particular opinion about the inclusion of such a category, but I am curious whether a discord channel or adding an iNat-specific thread to an outside api/coding forum would be better. I genuinely don’t know what the pros and cons might be.

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I’m not a coder, but would something a bit broader work? Besides the API, are there other behind-the-scenes tech aspects of iNat that could encompass? Like maybe some of @alex’s posts about CV training?


Maybe so. Maybe something like “Technical”? CV training does seem like a similar case. I think having a dedicated forum category for technical topics would give folks permission (so to speak) to really geek out on these things and might help foster more collaboration on technical projects. Anyway, just an idea I wanted to throw out there!

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Not into API, but would love a dedicated place to read anything about CV (used on iNat that is).

I do read the API posts and then quickly realize I am not interested in anything written in the posts. I don’t mind them being in the General forum though. We seek out anything that interests us, and quickly learn to filter.

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