Can't click website map points on iPhone

** iOS 17.4.1

**iphone Safari

**iNat maps either resulting from searches, or from nearby sightings visible on maps of my own sightings.

On my iphone, I can suddenly no longer click on any location marker, whether in maps resulting from searches, or in the maps showing next to my own submissions, showing nearby same submissions by other people.
No matter how far in I zoom, the place marker just can’t be clicked.

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It sounds like you’re referring to the iNaturalist website while using an iPhone, and not the iNaturalist iOS app. Is that right?

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I’ve experienced this before. It’s a problem with two things: the iPhone’s touch selection (iNat isn’t optimized for that) and the web browser itself. Not an iNaturalist problem. If you try again on a different day, it will work without much hassle, which is how I know it’s a web browser issue and not just an iPhone issue.

I’ve had this problem too, but I agree I don’t think it’s an iNat problem more than it is a browser or touchscreen problem. Clicking on small click-boxes on touchscreens is always hard.

I’ve never been able to click them on the website when using my phone, only on my computer.

Ditto this. iPhone with Safari; I never tried another browser, as I don’t have any others installed on the phone.

Yes, I use website because of filter availability

When I submit an entry, it shows up on my little map, and I used to be able to click nearby same sightings. I hardly ever use iNat on computer.

got it, thank you