Can't comment using Chrome

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Step 1: Open observation in Chrome

Step 2: attempt to comment on an observation

Step 3: pain.

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you really didn’t provide much to go on. what does “pain” mean exactly?

there’s only one observation of yours that vaguely resembles your screenshot, and it looks like you were able to add a comment just fine. so it’s not clear if there’s really an issue here…

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Hi there,

Apologies for the confusion, you can ignore step 3. I had to go on mobile in order to make that comment, I was unable to do so using Chrome on my computer. I was able to comment using Microsoft Edge however when I tested it later.

Going on mobile is a band aid fix to my issue, but it still lies unresolved as the “Done” button does not actually upload the comment. Let me know if there is anything I can do to provide more detail.

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the bones of Edge are the same as Chrome. so i’d be surprised that Edge would work if Chrome would not. if you haven’t already, you should go back in Chrome and try to add a comment to that observation and also to another observation (your pick).

if you still encounter problems in Chrome in either of the above scenarios, you should open up Chrome’s Developer Tools, and note any errors that appear in the Console.

if you can’t reproduce the issue adding comments, then i think you probably just encountered a fluke, and probably there’s no point in anyone investigating any further.

Not much of a computer person so very little of this makes sense to me, but here’s what console had to say:

This error has no relations to your problem.
Can you also check incognito window in chrome? If it is work, it means some extentions alter the site.

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it looks like you have browser extensions like Honey and Adblock Plus in your Chrome browser. turn those all off, clear cookies and cache, restart the browser, and try again.

if that doesn’t resolve the problem, look to see if you’re signed into your Chrome browser with your Google account. sign out, and try again.

if you’re still encountering problems, open up an observation, then open up Developer Tools > Network, try to add a comment to the observation, and note any new line items that appear in the Network window when you click the Done button.

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I use Privacy Badger.
After Adblock was obstructive.
(On Chrome and website)