Can't comment on observations

Hi all,

Recently I’ve noticed that I am unable to comment on observations on my phone or computer. I don’t have any notifications saying I’ve been muted (not that I’ve said anything bad) and can’t tag people to get their opinions on IDs. Did I do something wrong and is there a way I can remedy this?

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I don’t think that there’s a setting for accounts that prevents users specifically from commenting. Muting wouldn’t do this - it just means that other users won’t get notifications about your activity. I don’t see anything weird looking on your account on iNat. Have you been trying just one browser? Can you try another? Are you still able to add IDs just not comment? If you are still having trouble, you could make a bug report (be sure to fill out the whole template as best as you can).

Are you certain you’re logged in? If you’re not, you can still see everything but can’t comment or identify. (I say this as someone who has occasionally forgotten to log in when I meant to. Darn computer insists on doing what I say, not what I meant.)


I am able to make IDs, yes. I haven’t had issues with comments up until recently but I CAN comment using Edge. I will make a bug report as well.

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If this is happening on Chrome, it’s probably a duplicate of

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Seems to be working now?

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