Can't create species with epithet 'complex'

Website, Opera and Chrome.

  1. There’s a valid millipede species named Allawrencius complex (
  2. I tried to create said species in iNat through the usual process
  3. The taxon does get created, but the species name disappears. This is what I initially enter:

now, this is what it looks like after hitting save:

and if you click edit taxon, the species epithet has disappeared from there too:

Another user had the same problem too (

hmm seems like this has been encountered before, and that’s it not possible to override…


I just tested it, and it seems “complex-” works, and is searchable as “complex”. You’re limited to Latin characters, hyphens, spaces, and hybrid crosses for symbols, though, so a blank character ( ← it’s there, you’re going to have to take my word for it) doesn’t work.

I would personally prefer “complex-” over “komplex,” but I suppose whatever works works.


there’s and existing bug report here -


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