Can't mark answer as solution?

I started a thread and i would like to mark an answer as solution, but i can’t:

But i can here?

one is in category general (for discussion) and the other is in category bug-reports (for problems). I’m not certain, but that could be the difference

But in both categories i have started the thread?

Usually the original poster can mark an answer as solution, as far as i know.

@GeraldA yes, marking a post as a solution is only available for Bug Reports and Feature Requests.

Sorry, not available in Forum Feedback either! :wink:


I can add the feature the other categories, if you like.


That would be nice!
I reckon it would be a benefit for others to have a question marked as solved if it is.

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I would say maybe for the General and Forum Feedback categories, since those are the most frequent venues for questions and answers.

From a moderating point of view, I suppose it would be a helpful indication that the original poster has gotten what they wanted from the thread, and it can be closed if ongoing discussion doesn’t seem to be adding much more.


OK, done. Maybe Curators as well?


I guess that would be reasonable too, but I’m biased because I’m about to post a question there :wink:


Cool, I’ve added the option to that category as well.