Cant open app on my phone

I previously had inaturalistic installed on android phone and had issues with the account but the app worked perfectly fine on the phone. I asked for help from inaturalist several times but got no reply. So I started a new and different inaturalist account by using my computer, and using my computer I deleted the original account that I started with my phone (it only had 2 observations).

I then tried to open my app on my phone to log in to new account, but it won’t open, app just keeps crashing. So I uninstalled app from phone, then re-installed new version. But I still can’t open it on my phone it keeps crashing for some reason.

I would love to know how to fix this!

As the About the Bug Reports category post says, we really need some details if we’re to investigate the issue. So please share which device you have and which version of the app your are using, as well as which version of Android OS the device is running.

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Thank you for the reply, here are details requested:
Inaturalist version- 1.11.30
Phone details -
Samsung Galaxy Note9, model no. SM-N960U
Android OS version 9, build no. PPR1.180610.011.N960USQU2CSGA

For what it’s worth, I was thinking it has something to do with deleting the inaturalist account that I had created using my phone, and my phone app now is trying to automatically access that same account which now does not exist. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling a new version did not help or change anything.

I am going on a week-long exploration trip in 3.5 weeks to document as many spp as possible, and it is essential for me to be able to use this app, so I really hope we can resolve the issue.

My phone # is 301-580-4524 if you want to discuss anything! Thank you…

We don’t offer support by phone, I’m sorry.

  • Exactly when does the app crash? Right after you open it, or some time after the app starts? Are you able to do anything in the app?

  • Are you logged in to your iNaturalist account in the app on your phone? From what it sounds like, that shouldn’t be the case.

The app crashes while trying to load. It tries to open, and briefly appears to be pen and logged in to my old account for a second or less, and then changes to a log-in window, and then immediately goes to an error msg that says: “Inaturalist keeps stopping”.

That old account was deleted and I have no idea why the app is going to it by default.

Weird that it stored your old account info even though you uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Did you try clearing the app’s data and cache?

I cleared the cache and still have the problem. But before I clear the app’s data, I want to know if it doing so will affect (delete) all the observations in my inaturalist account? I dont want to delete all that data, most of which I entered using my computer, only want to delete what is stored on my phone, but I’m not sure how this works

Please confirm how this affects my account, if you know.

Any observations that are already synced to your account online will be saved. The only thing clearing the data (or uninstalling the app) would delete are observations that are on the phone but not yet uploaded/synced.

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Thank you very much, this worked!! Its amazing how something so simple took so long for me to fix, I really appreciate it.


Great! For your upcoming trip, don’t forget you can always just take photos and then use the online uploader later in case you happen to run into any other issues with the app. There are a few tutorials here:

Have fun!

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