Change to Ancestor Disagreement Implementation

Changing the HARD disagreement - which yelled - I disagree with ALL of you, without even seeing your ID
to soft disagreement.

Plant + sp + same sp = RG
But if that ‘plant’ was counted as hard disagreement, we needed 3 at sp for RG.

It was okay for
Species A
Hard disagreement to - don’t know what it is, but it is NOT Species A
Then need 3 to agree to species B, which was 4 to agree because of Ancestor Disagreement.

I will no longer have to explain that ‘species B is not a plant’ altho you and I both know it is. I have made a few scientists quite angry as I try to explain - you are guilty of unintended and surreptitious Ancestor Disagreement. Ouch.

Now when the wrong ID is withdrawn or deleted - iNat will graciously revert to what iNatters expect
Plant + sp + same sp = RG