Changes with Common Names Are Being Recorded

It looks like sometime in the past few days a way to see the history of a taxon’s common names has been added. I’m having trouble understanding it though. Could it be explained how it works?

Also, it looks like we have a way to add common name sources now?


Yes, I’ve been waiting for staff to make a forum post on this but my patience has been for naught so far.

Looking at the history doesn’t provide much information, so I’d assume it’s still in the making. Common name source is just fabulous


Can you provide an example species account where this new feature appears? Not seeing it.

Oh, I didn’t realize this was just for common names, I’d only seen the history feature for taxon changes, e.g.

The button for this is right below the Edit Taxon button in the Curation dropdown menu.


I’ve noticed a few new things after the scheduled downtime, and I’m assuming they’ll all be listed in the next monthly update.


Yes, that seems to be the standard. Cool!

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(updated the topic title to make it more specific)

Sorry, I was working on an explainer post for this and it got away from me. Just posted a basic overview.

It would be helpful if you included a screenshot of an example and asked specific questions about what you’re not understanding.

Yes, there’s an optional explanation field now.


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