Check out this cool iNaturalist streak finder


Hi folks.

Someone made this cool iNaturalist streak finder!

As usual, jmaughn and sambiology are out there making me look lazy. :wink:

BTW, I stumbled across this in the iNaturalist Discord, which is an unofficial chat platform for iNat enthusiasts. It looks like this streak finder was made by @syntheticbee and @mapsandapps on the discord.

Happy naturalizing this weekend!


15 - gotta up my game.


86…I remember that day. I had gotten pretty sick, I like to think my body went into shock after coming from a remote field camp back to civilization!


32, a streak from a year ago… i think i should try to beat that!

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What if our observation stats are pretty lame and we’d rather look at our identification streaks? :laughing:


@sambiology a streak of 4 straight years (and counting!) and over 300000 identifications on the site too??? Way to make us all look bad! :sweat_smile:


scratching neck
Gotta get my daily observations!!! ;)
continues scratching neck


Don’t worry, I only have 2 (I spend more time identifying then observing)

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Only 23. Consistency has always been my biggest problem on iNaturalist.

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38 from when I had a new years resolution last year to do it every day. I obviously didn’t make it haha. I tried again this new years but only made it to 21. My streak on ebird is still going strong. I’ll break 500 here in a few days.


I don’t want to seem dense, but I’m dense. What does it mean, please?

Edit: Never-mind, I see. I’m going to blame old head injuries. An “iNaturalist Streak” is a set of consecutive days on which one makes at least one observation per day.


Cool! I’ll try and beat my previous record, which is 78 :)

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Hi! SyntheticBee here (my Discord nick). I’ve taken the original commandline tool mapsandapps webified, improved it a little bit, and plopped it into Github as bin/topinat with a bit of doc (& a lengthy TODO!). I hope to improve the tool & add more to this repo as I find more personal iNat itches to scratch.

This idea got way more attention than I anticipated! Thanks, @alex, for the mention. Nice to see all the new users on Discord via this thread.

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