Checklists for places not updating

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Earlier ones are (apparently - cannot check when last updated) working fine:

The “Species” tab and “View Check list page” pages are not updating to reflect the observations present in the place. It used to take a few hours to update, but these were created on 30 July and are still not updated.

(the Explore page. eg. works fine.

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Looks like those were all made on 30 July. Have you made any places since, and if so, are they working OK?

Probably I have, but I dont remember. It would be nice to have a places and a checklist list on one’s dashboard. The checklist tab is useless: it does not do checklists saved under places: where most of mine are. only “personal” checklists. And it would be nice to have a places tab, like one has a projects tab on one’s dashboard. The problem is that I both create and edit other people’s places when they run into problems, so I cannot remember. I will create a few that are in my backlog, and report back.

By the by: A19 above has had the checklist since updated, but not A20 and A21. 15 August - this seems to have worked.

Still empty after 20 minutes, despite having known observations. Presumably though it needs time?

Interesting: there is a 10m mismatch on the boundaries I drew using the Place, and the boundary displayed afterwards on the Explore screen. Is this a googlemaps issue, or some other (e.g. datum) issue?

10 meters seems too small to be a datum issue, and I don’t think google maps is involved in user-created places. If I recall correctly from other discussion threads, iNat does some simplification of geometry for place polygons, to reduce processing load. Whether that is for display only, or also for actual intersection with observation coordinates, we’d have to ask the devs.

Yeah, I’d give it a few hours at least. Checklists for new places are pretty taxing on the system, so they’re often delayed.

Yes, manually updated A19 a while ago, and updated the others today. Probably a temporary glitch for the places you made that day, but if it happens again let us know.