Cladistics of the Leptocircini: ______ marcellus

According to recent literature, there is evidence for “Protographium marcellus” rather than “Eurytides marcellus” (Cf. [1] figures 4-5). This nomenclature is even mentioned by iNaturalist, see:, yet it still shows up as genus “Eurytides”,
on entries such as: .

Isn’t this contradictory? Can it be changed? and would we want to?


[1] Simonsen et al., “Phylogenetics and divergence times of Papilioninae…”, Cladistics, 2011,

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The guide you linked to is just displaying the Wikipedia article (as do the About tabs on taxon pages). The name Eurytides marcellus is set to automatically redirect to Protographium marcellus on Wikipedia: (In addition, guides consist of user-generated content, so you may find information on those pages that are the product of any of thousands of iNat users, rather than a reflection of any certain taxonomic stance by staff or curators.)

As far as whether the taxon on iNat should be adjusted, we use flags to discuss taxonomy of specific species on iNat rather than the forum. I actually found a (very old) existing flag about this issue and copied your comments there: Feel free to continue the discussion there.

If there isn’t yet a flag for a certain issue, you can go to the taxon page (, click Curation, then Flag for curation, and leave a note like you did here. You can save the flag and then use the comments section to add more information and links/sources.

Thanks for bringing it up!


Closing to focus discussion at the existing flag: