Co-authors of an observation

Recently, I went birdwatching with a friend and both of us took pictures. But, I uploaded all the species in my iNaturalist because he has not an account. What should I do to give him a collaboration recognition?

I would like there to be an option for observations to be co-authored, whether or not they have an iNaturalist account (that could be another topic).

Is this problem related with the projects, lists, labels, etc?


You can mention him in description or use/create an observation field. If he decides to create an account, he can use your photos with your permission as long as he saw those individuals photographed (and then you can use obs. fields that are used to connect observations).


You can also use observation fields for this. There’s Original observer, if you didn’t make the observation but are just uploading it for someone else. There’s Additional observers for listing the names of the people that were with you sharing the observation.



@jon_sullivan @marina_gorbunova thank you!! They’re good ideas.

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