Collecting beetles in lower mainland, British Columbia

I want to collect some beetles. Does any one have any idea where to find them in lower mainland, BC?

How much patience do you have for this? The most obvious thing I would do is to check out natural areas in a map, and then spend some time there. I would also double check on appropriate laws and regulations and ensure you adhere to them.

PS. The forum is international, but I believe a lot of us knows BC is in Canada.


I live in the Southern Gulf Islands rather than the mainland but if you live near the coast the situation is very similar. I find edge areas to be very productive when searching for beetles. Hedgerows, field/forest edges, stone walls, etc. are all great especially if they catch whatever morning sun is available.

Pitfall traps work very well this time of year.

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Thanks for the helpful info! And its great idea to make a pitfall trap. It didn’t cross my mind, but now I’ll make one.

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You can find beetles more or less anywhere, including in your house windows if you leave the door open on a warm day. Is there some particular type of beetle you want to find?

Speaking of Beetles: Are there any experts on the family Scarabedae (Scarabs and Dung Beetles) on the forums who’d be willing to assist me with a recent observation? As far as what I understand, there are alot of taxa in this family which are ludicrously difficult to ID even with a catalogue of the best and most detailed photo’s. Anyone willing to give it a shot? :sweat_smile:

What country is it from?

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Hermanus, South Africa

No, I’ve no experience to share in that area. Purely UK.

I am looking for just any beetles, but there is one that I have been thinking about recently. It’s giant water bug. Would you know perhaps know where I can find it?

I don’t know it, but if you google its scientific name you will probably find details of its ecology and distribution maps that will help your search. I have to point out that a bug isn’t a beetle.

Belostomatidae is the name you are looking for. And it actually is a true bug, not a beetle.

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I have heard of them, though we don’t get that family in UK. I’ve been told they fly at night, bump into street lamps and end up on the pavement. So that is an option if there isn’t the right habitat nearby.

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