Collection project member contribution as a whole number or as a percentage

In collection projects, is there a way of finding out member observation and species contribution as a whole in the form of actual numbers or as a percentage of the total total observations? Currently one can select each individual member and see their Stats but it seems that one would have to open each member’s View Stats and add them together. I’m not so interested a leaderboard type of situation but I do have a curiosity of the impact having a large amount of members has on a collection project.

If you click on the “observers” tab it gives you number of observations and species seen by each observer. Is that what you’re looking for?

Not quite. Observers are not necessarily members. Members are a fraction of the observers and are dispersed in numbers of observations from sometimes greatest contribution numbers to no contribution numbers. Each members has vital stats for that project but one would have to add them up one by one. I’m sure one could do a search by using Explore and enter each member’s ID or member’s user number via a &user_id=type search within the project but that seems cumbersome.

Ah, got it. The API does have fields for project membership, so you might be able to get the info you want that way.

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Great, now I just need to find out where those fields are, what those fields are, and how to use them. :laughing: I am not great at doing a search in the API.

This is a good tutorial on using the API via Excel that might help:

Tack on members_of_project= followed by the project slug or ID to show only observations by people who joined the project. The slug is the formatting of the project in the URL, e.g. for Into the Great Unknown such a search might be:


That’s great, thank you. With one project I am involved with, I was able to calculate that the members make up 7.5% of the observers yet contribute 47.6% of the obeservations and have observed 83% of the found species. I think that is interesting project report info. … Into the Great Unknown, not so hot… :)


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