Comment on a place encompassing two states


I don’t see a better place to report this, so I want to flag this place: (“Texas and Florida”) as completely unnecessary and computationally expensive. The place owner is a curator, so this should be able to be resolved.


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Only staff can edit places that large, FYI.

Yeah see this feature request:

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This topic was originally split off from that one…?

Oh haha. Wonder if it would be helpful to keep all the “flagged places” in a separate thread.

How can we now it’s useless if the curator created it and probably using it? Maybe if we just message them and ask why they don’t use 2 places for each state their response will lead either to understanding why or to deleting the place, without need to flag it.

Unfortunately, deleting large places also creates a huge burden on iNat’s infrastructure because all of the observations in that place have to be reindexed - similar to when a place is created. While it would probably be a long-term benefit to remove a large redundant place, there’s no urgency to get rid of them as of yet, as long as their boundaries aren’t edited (which also triggers lots of reindexing).


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