Computer games based on real ecosystems


BBC games used to have two: Big Al and The Evolution Game.
In Big Al you chose whether to eat or escape from prey and it worked out for you depending on your size at the time relative to the other critter and its food preference. If you didn’t eat enough you would starve, and your growing was, I think, dependent on your age. You also had to uncover more area to hunt in, at some risk of meeting a bigger allosaurus. You finally have to find a mate.
In The Evolution Game, you start as a nondescript animal, and actually become more carnivorous or herbivorous lager or smaller, with forward or side facing eyes, etc, depending o which of the items you encounter you choose to eat and how else you respond to them. The creature at the end looks different from what you are in the beginning.
This was my favourite, but it disappeared from the website. Big Al was there for a few years after Evolution Game, but I don’t know if that site is functioning. I tried to find it some time back and couldn’t find even the main site where the game are listed.