Concern about # of observations

I tend to make a few observations every day, and in lots of cases, these plants/animals are the same species that I made the day before. I try my best to visit a different spot (or park!) but somethings, it’s just the same stuff – some weeds or non-native bugs. Nonetheless, I still engage with those things, and I use iNat as I do it. :)


I say keep doing what you are doing.
Some scientists can differentiate between individuals. Besides you are documenting behavior as well as population. Some birds who have “a sense of place” can te when something is off.


I just wanted to take a second to thank you so much. I have always tried to use the app responsibly, but had almost stopped due to some feedback, and thinking, perhaps I was using it for the wrong reason. In fact, somewhere in the beginning of using the app, it says something like “this app is not for general identification of things you see“
So, thank you - I shall resume learning about the things in my universe, and perhaps, adding some useful data and observations of uncommon occurrences.


Yes, keep doing it. And there is a note :memo: section to provide context to your observations. It takes effort and I don’t do it for every common observation but there is a reason it is part of the observation process.


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