Congratulations on 50 million observations!

I’d like to applaud the iNaturalist community and especially the iNaturalist staff for reaching the milestone of 50 million observations worldwide - that’s extraordinary! Finding iNaturalist has certainly changed my life for the better and, to recognize that, I’ve just donated $50 to iNaturalist to say thank you. I invite all of you who read this to do the same. This site may be free to use, but it’s certainly not free to operate, and in this time of obvious environmental catastrophe, I think getting more people out in and learning about the natural world is very important. Plus, as you all know, iNaturalist is fun! Thank you to the iNaturalist staff for making this possible and thank you to all those in the iNaturalist community who confirm (or correct!) my observations and post your own for me to puzzle over.

Here’s to the next 50 million observations!


I’d also suggest that those of you who want to contribute in a different way can add 50 identifications :)


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