Contribute to nitrogen cycle research with a community science project focused on red maple leaf collection

Hi Everyone!

I manage a project that is focused on better understanding how trees deal with nitrogen limitation.

As part of the project we are recruiting community science volunteers to collect leaves from red maple trees now (in August) and again at leaf fall in the autumn. Back in our lab at Boston University we will analyze the leaves to see how much nitrogen is in green vs. fallen leaves. The difference between the two results in an estimate of the amount of nitrogen the tree conserves before shedding its leaves.

We are hoping for a high level of participation in the Eastern United States since red maple is native to that region.

You can learn more and get involved at our website:

Thanks for your consideration & I’m happy to answer questions and detail the findings we have thus for for this project (if anyone is interested!).

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You’ve got an east Texas volunteer right here!


I’m super psyched out this! We love to get collections near the edge of red maple’s natural range. Thanks!


I can sample Tyler county and Hardin county for sure. Possibly also Jefferson county and Polk county.


Super! I’ll be reaching out to those who have signed up this weekend!


You may end up with two from me. I wasn’t sure if it went through the first time.


Yep! I got the submissions, thanks!

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Only wild, or cultivated urban? We have three trees near our home in Montana.

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We’d accept both wild and cultivated/planted red maple trees. In our data sheets there is a space to note where the tree is located (e.g., forest, wetland, lawn tree, street tree); we’ll use that information in our data analysis to control for systematic differences between different growing conditions.

Thanks for asking!

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I signed up! And I am adding the info to a community newsletter in rural NC. I sure hope you get some response from that, too.

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