Control over map zoom level defaults?

I have to zoom out considerably when trying to read the maps that accompany iNaturalist observations. The default zoom level is often very fine, much finer than is ever needed to quickly assess whether an observation is, for example, on its native continent, nation, state/province, or even county/city/district. I can see why other people might want this very fine-scale mapping, but for me it is useless.

It’s a small thing, to be sure, but boy I’d save a bunch of time if I didn’t have to zoom way out to see the regional context of an observation. Is it possible to set a personal default zoom level? Or, less conveniently, automatically expand the information box that’s under the map (since that box contains general location information as well)?

I’d rather see the whole globe than have single meter-scale maps!

I’m sorry if this is covered elsewhere - but the nearest posts I could find were about the map zoom level in other contexts.


I would like this too. My use of this would be the opposite, to view at a fine level.

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