Coordinates - dif. systems

Hi Inat :)
when uploading organisms to inat or collecting data in any other way, one always needs location information eg coordinates, alt etc.

I normally use the Dezimal, WGS84, long/lat for that cause most programs can easily work with it like google maps etc. (f.e. 50.76704N/ 8.75367 E, alt. 180 m)

I would be interested in what systems do you use and why and what advantages there might be to other ones? And I have another question: does anyone have an idea what system this is and how to convert them “3424.084/5548.734, alt. 330 m” ?


Not sure what those coordinates are. I prefer decimal degrees which is what iNat uses. There is also UTMs which I’ve used also because some agencies prefer them. Then there are the systems you’ll see used in some older locality records elsewhere such as Township-Range-Section (maybe just in US?) and Degrees-Minutes-Seconds. There are online conversion sites where you can translate most of these from one system to another.

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It’s possible your coordinates are degrees-minutes followed by decimal fraction of a minute. Latitude followed by longitude. Do you know where in the world this is? Approximately, that is?

It is approx in Hesse, Germany. I tried to convert them but I dont know what they are:)

Hmmm can’t be lat-long then. Would be too far east, And UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator — usually requires inclusion of a zone designation.

it’s probably zone 33. UTM 33 3424084mE 5548734mN translates to 49°53’03.5"N 8°05’05.2"E, which is roughly southwest of Frankfurt.

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no that cant be correct, it should be near Adorf, hesse

I think I found a solution - if I type it in Gauß-Krüger zone 4 system without the comma then it works but it is very strange.


Adorf, Hessen (~ 51°N, 9°E) should be in GK3 Zone 3 (or GK6 Zone 2, if using 6°-wide zones).
(coordinates can be expressed either as meters or kilometers)

How old are these coordinates? The year is important when trying to guess a reference system…


ah yes zone 3 is correct. They are max 10 years old.

Still, it puts these coordinates ~150km from Adorf, so probably wrong too