Coral spawning, Norfolk Island 2021

Coral spawning began on Norfolk Island on 27 December 2021. Remote Norfolk Island, just 5 km by 8 km in size, and about 1,600 km from the east coast of Australia and 900 km from Lord Howe Island, its nearest coral neighbour, is the second most southerly coral reef in the world. Consequently, our annual coral spawning takes place a month or more later than the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. I found it interesting that spawning took place outside our lagoons 24 hours earlier than inside. Has anyone else found that spawning takes place at different times even though the places are geographically close, and in this case very remote from any other reefs?
I wrote a blog post about it, including some images, that may be of interest to members of this forum:


What an amazing thing to see the sea was pink with life—coral spawn afloat. Thank you for sharing!

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Your article was fascinating; I quite enjoyed reading about the conditions around spawning and it’s impact on the rest of the local ecosystem. Thank you for sharing this information with all of us.

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