Correctness of date

How exact is a date required to be? Is it by day, or is by year enough?
Observation shows a flowering Convallaria majalis with a date of December 10. That’s surely not correct, and I commented on that. The observer states that the date on the camera was not set correctly, but that the year of 2017 was correct.
Is that enough?

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Being out by a day or two is fine. If the date is obviously wrong then the correct thing to do is ask the observer if it is correct and to fix it if it is not (which you have done). There is a flag “Date is accurate” (or whatever it is in German) on each observation that you can select “No” for if the date is incorrect, as I currently have.


Flowering would need to be accurate at least to the month?

Perhaps show him the Seasonality graph
Oh look blooming in December, how wonderful!


Relevant feature request:

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