Could UK spider recorders be encouraged to select more realistic species?

Note @mhiggott - I added this as a feature request - now active here


For reference, with regard to more automated interventions, here is the feature request mentioned above by @carnifex I think also

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Thanks everyone who has replied - it’s clearly not an issue only with the records I’m looking at. I limited my post to UK arachnids as they’re the only records I am looking at a the moment (I’d love to do more invert groups but I don’t have the time). I’ll continue correcting and adding explanations and see if it starts improving. I submit my own records via iRecord, which flags records (rather too precisely) if outside the known range of the species, and in the interface we have locally, species are RAG rated according to difficulty of identification, which acts as a prompt to recorders to consider whether their ID is reasonable. I’m not suggesting iNaturalist should necessarily do the same, but it suggests that improvement is possible.


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