Count of the Number of Images linked to my Observations

I have multiple images linked to many of my observations. Is there a way that I can get a count of the total number of my images on iNaturalist?

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there’s not a straightforward way for regular users like us to do what you’re asking for (that I’m aware of).

you could get this information from the API using this as the base request (and iterating through all the pages needed to get all your observations):

or you can use this to see the information in a more human-readable format:

neither of these will automatically aggregate the total number of photos for you, but you could take what they give you and tally or sum things up on your own.

here’s a related discussion that may provide more information:


Thanks @pisum I am till working on it, but by extracting and saving that file, I was then able to do a count on “jpg” + “jpeg”. It gives me an approximate number for now. Appreciated.

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just to clarify, if you’re extracting and counting from, that may give you a higher count than expected because it includes information on photos other than just yours.

if you’re extracting and counting from, then that should get you what you need, although i would count instances of rather than jpg + jpeg.

Thanks - used the latter JSON file - and yes - I used after getting different fnumbers. The numbers seem about right.


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