Getting number of photos in each observation during data download/export

When downloading iNat data (such as with the export tool), is there a way to also get to know how many photos are available with each observation? Right now, the downloaded CSV has a field (image_url) that gives the URL of the default image of the observation, but there is no way to know if that observation had more photos. Is there some other way to get this?

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It would be useful also to filter observations on the basis of the number of photos

for regular folks, i believe the cleanest way to get number of photos is via the API. you can’t filter your API request by number of photos though. so, for example, if you wanted to find which of your observations have more than one photo, you’d have to retrieve all of your observations via the API and then parse through those results to pick out just the ones that are tied to multiple photos.

Thanks, perhaps this could be raised as a feature request (additional field: number of images uploaded) on the export tool?

it’s possible it’s been raised before, but you might have to wade through this long thread:

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