Country Name Life List Bingo

There is no accounting for common names and scientific names matching. My favorite example of this: Hypericum crux-andreae is commonly known as St. Peter’s Wort while Hypericum hypericoides is commonly known as St. Andrew’s Cross.


Asia: Apis cerana , Asian Painted Frog, Asian Tiger Mosquito, Asian Tramp Snail, Long-Flange Millipede (in Spanish name means Asian millipede)french again :Moucheron asiatique,czech:octomilka asijská
Africa & East Africa: Lissachatina fulica
New Guinea: Impatiens hawkeri
Thailand: Siam Weed Defoliator
Malaysia:Kaloula pulchra, Malaysian False Pimpernel
America: Periplaneta americana
Hawaii: Spoladea recurvalis
Florida: (in Catalan) : Tortuga De Florida (translation: Florida tortoise) English: Common Slider:
Lami,Fiji :Cosmophasis lami
Japan : (in french) Drosophile japonaise and czech : octomilka japonská
Spain: Spanish needles
Bengal & Serengeli : Felis catus

For that matter: Chromolaena odorata

added to my wanted list

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