Anthophila (bee) checklists wiki

Key: Parentheses: species, I: incomplete, asterisk = iNaturalist observations contributed new records.



Central America


North America


South America

Additional information

How to create checklists (examples in links)

  • Find sources, and add any additional species observed on iNat or Bug Guide. In Explore, search location and taxon, and click Species to see observed taxa.

  • Go to Places, search location, and click View checklist page on bottom left.

  • Method 1: Search taxon on middle right. Paste species into Add Species or Batch (easiest if from an Excel column which only contains Genus species). Add subspecies if known.

  • Method 2: Create a new checklist (bottom right). Name it in format “Bees of California.” Add species in same way.

  • If known, set species as native, introduced, or endemic.

How to use checklists

  • Search location in Identify, click Suggestions, and filter by State or country, genus, and checklist to show all species including ones without obs.

  • Go to Map on a species taxon page. The shaded regions show where species have been recorded in a checklist but never observed on iNat.

Sources for creating new checklists

Wasp checklists here

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More work needed here too, gang.

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Wow. An obscure atoll in the Mozambique Channel has a complete checklist, whereas populous, well-studied countries do not.

Sometimes it is nice not to be distracted.

Much easier to completely survey an atoll. Not much funding for invertebrate work, even in wealthy countries.

“Backboned animals, particularly charismatic mammals, tend to attract more research funding than insects. A European research project looking at a vertebrate species, for example, receives nearly 500 times more funding on average than an invertebrate study.” The collapse of insects (

And that place only has 2 species. So far my yard has 34 bee species.

And my yard ~88 … it’s frustrating when people quote the number of bee species in western US states despite actual checklists. Where’s the list of California’s 1500?!

88… I’m in awe
I think on that Atoll one would get to know each individual bee by name.

I did not realize until today that this Bee Tool has exportable lists (tab 4 of 5 at the bottom), so I’m updating a few western states. Got New Mexico to 1057, which is about right. California’s checklist is now 1706 including subspecies!

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