County library project, I-Naturalist project link?

Hello and thanks in advance your time and expertise!

I am working on a project for my county and county library system. My role in the project is that of a library trustee, and project coordinator. In a nutshell, we are exploring the idea of a creating a digital natural history museum thru the library system. The goals of the project are best summarized as 3 fold-

  1. engage students and citizen scientist
  2. exhibit our extraordinary local natural history
  3. archive available natural history data (at least the low hanging fruit)

In order to avoid re-inventing a complex data portal system we are considering using I-Naturalist as a portal to interact with with contributors or researchers. From what I have gathered the INaturalist “Project” feature will meet the needs of reporting and retrieving information within the county. This is great and will be a giant leap forward our local project.

My 1st question is this- is is possible to embed an INaturalist Project into a website, or is it required that the user leave our library’s URL to engage a Project?

Thanks, Pete

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There is the ability to make a widget for a website.

Thanks Karen. I am not versed in widgets enough to know- does the widget capability extend to just observations? Would it be possible to represent the project page as a feature on another website’s page? Thanks!!!

If you have an iNat account. Log in and go to that link, you’ll see the html code. You could change the URL to the project page URL, I would assume. I have never used the widget, but there should be no reason why that wouldn’t work.

Just a note, that a widget like this will only display the most recent 20 or so ( I believe it is configurable, but can’t remember the maximum number) of submitted things. And it only displays observations, it does not allow entry etc.

For seeing the whole project dataset, the project functionality etc, you really need to go to the iNat site.

Thanks for your help!
The distinction may not seem important, but it is something which will get hashed out by county commissioner so I will need to grasp the basics.


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